Saturday, July 24, 2010

=] Hospital Fun...

We got to tour the hospital a few days ago =] I don't know if it really helped though... They had us going all over the place and we didn't even knew where we were half the time, but we got free water =]There were so many little baby's =] They were quite cute. Also, there were quite a few other people there, including some drama mamas =/ They made our little tour quite interesting. Also we found a very cute bring home outfit for the baby =] it has duckies! Hopefully the next blog will be about the birth!!! =]


  1. ...tell us more about the "drama mamas!"

  2. Haha Drama mamas...
    Well there was one in a wheel chair who would NOT stop complaining, and quite a few who would NOT stop talking, and some very very cranky rude ones =]