Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aww... It looks like me! =]

Aww =] As you can see ^^^ I put up the ultrasound pictures, and I just have to say, it really does have my nose and mouth. Here are the baby details: Est weight 8Pd's 9 ounces, Above average head and belly, and the biggest cheeks the doctors have ever seen =] I can't believe how close the baby is, it seems like we had just found out about it yesterday =]


  1. ...oh my word!!! those are some chubby fingers, too!
    (and that second picture...so familiar looking) :)

  2. that's going to be one beautiful baby! can't wait to meet the new Smalley! :) i've seen cheeks like that... think they are sitting in the middle of our living room floor right now!