Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby room =]

We're just about finished setting up the babys room =] And it is looking so cute! Brian went in and painted it a light cream yellow, so in the morning when the sun comes in it feels like a big warm hug =] Its perfect for a little girl or boy! Haha and I never knew how difficult baby funtiture was! Its like putting one very intense puzzle together!


  1. ...when the room is finished, will you please post a few pictures? i would love to see how it turned out? and "a big, warm, hug" - I love the description! so glad that you have been given the blog master is a lot of fun to see the updates :)

  2. We are looking forward to seeing the room also. We know "Lane or Cameron" will be proud. Mom & Dad

  3. how awesome! love some warm sunshiny hugs! (big fan of that pale yellow!) can't wait to see it all in person... and see all of you!