Saturday, July 10, 2010

The belly boat, It floats!

OK, so everyone who has ever been to Tahoe falls in love for a thousand reasons... and here's another one! Buoyancy! (oh and the soap pic... Brians idea =]) I haven't seen my mom so comfortable in forever! For the first time in months she was able to lay on her belly! =] It was quite epic! Oh my gosh!!! My mom has a swimsuit =] It's just a long tanktop and shorts, but it's oh so very cute!Well I got to go =] Next blog willl be about the shower! Ok bye and much love!
<3 Kendra


  1. fabulous! glad to hear you guys hit the water! (you rock, kendra! we love the updates!)

  2. that sounds most excellent! and see Kim... you are BEAUTIFUL in a swimsuit! glad y'all had a good time! can't wait to hear about the shower, Kendra! :)