Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aww... It looks like me! =]

Aww =] As you can see ^^^ I put up the ultrasound pictures, and I just have to say, it really does have my nose and mouth. Here are the baby details: Est weight 8Pd's 9 ounces, Above average head and belly, and the biggest cheeks the doctors have ever seen =] I can't believe how close the baby is, it seems like we had just found out about it yesterday =]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

=] Hospital Fun...

We got to tour the hospital a few days ago =] I don't know if it really helped though... They had us going all over the place and we didn't even knew where we were half the time, but we got free water =]There were so many little baby's =] They were quite cute. Also, there were quite a few other people there, including some drama mamas =/ They made our little tour quite interesting. Also we found a very cute bring home outfit for the baby =] it has duckies! Hopefully the next blog will be about the birth!!! =]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby room =]

We're just about finished setting up the babys room =] And it is looking so cute! Brian went in and painted it a light cream yellow, so in the morning when the sun comes in it feels like a big warm hug =] Its perfect for a little girl or boy! Haha and I never knew how difficult baby funtiture was! Its like putting one very intense puzzle together!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Its raining babies =]

Haha well Brian was getting into the spirt of our Luau themed baby shower =] And the shower by the way, was FANTASTIC!It was very awesome to see so many people willing to help us out with our amazing baby!And the people on moms legal team bought us the crib! =] People just rock. It was so fun and I'm so sorry that not everyone could make it! My next blog will have lots of pictures of the baby's room =] It's so cute! The crib is even set up! We're all so excited that B-Day is approaching!
Ok Much love
<3 Kendra

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The belly boat, It floats!

OK, so everyone who has ever been to Tahoe falls in love for a thousand reasons... and here's another one! Buoyancy! (oh and the soap pic... Brians idea =]) I haven't seen my mom so comfortable in forever! For the first time in months she was able to lay on her belly! =] It was quite epic! Oh my gosh!!! My mom has a swimsuit =] It's just a long tanktop and shorts, but it's oh so very cute!Well I got to go =] Next blog willl be about the shower! Ok bye and much love!
<3 Kendra