Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Word's can't even begin to explain our day... but I'll try anyways =]

So today... Mr.Lane went with us on a doctors visit and I (Kendra) was left to babysit the little darling. It was going great for the first 5 minutes... but then after eating he threw up. Then after getting all cleaned up he pooped. Well... maybe pooped isn't the right word, he EXPLODED! And I was covered. So I ran into the room where my mom was and she got up and came out laughing at me. But wait, there's more... After getting the little one all undressed and ready for a changing, he promptly started PEEING all over us and even into moms purse! Oh and to top it all off, he was laughing the whole time!


  1. ...the good news: he will grow out of this sort of behaviour
    ...the bad new: not for a while
    ...glad to see you are taking it in stride, miss kendra! : )

  2. no doubt he felt better after all of that! sorry you were within striking distance, Kendra. Michael always laughed at me when Caden did that stuff to me.