Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bug's Bunny Band Aides

So I started my Daddy Day Care time on the 11th. After taking Chase to school, Lane had a Doctor Appointment "a date with the needle" yep that's right the first big battery of innoculation took place. two in the right leg one in the left and oh an oral medicine of some sort. "yum". So I've been on scene for all of the initial traumas in his life. Hope he doesn't remember. Hope he never uses association if he does. I sure love him. "Sorry Big guy! Daddy loves you."


  1. ...vaccinations are the pits - for patients AND parents!

  2. reminds me... any time i drive anywhere in the vicinity of the hospital on post, Caden pipes up in the backseat saying "no see Dr Banks, no see Dr Banks"... it's enough to break your heart. though yesterday when i did actually have to take him in, he was great. even peed in a cup like a big boy. (things i never imagined, even a month ago, that i would have to do with my child)

  3. If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will. I guess Lane may be saying
    "no see Dr. Hendrickson, no see Dr. Hendrickson" some day in the not so distant future. I really like our Pediatrician she came to us by default, the one we had interviewed and picked was on vacation the day Lane was born. Dispite saying he would be there. Phooey on you Dr. Spiecher :P Doctor Hendrickson is quite sharp, I am comfortable with her as Lane's Doc.