Monday, August 30, 2010

2 weeks old and rolling over

Ok, I don't wanna brag but....I will. Lane at age 12 days 4 hours 3 minutes 8 seconds, has actually begun rolling over. When KIm mentioned this to the Doctor at the last check up, she said that it probably wouldn't happen again for quite awhile. Kim said "tell that to him he's done it six times now. So I just want to reiterate that my little Noble Prize winning, Olympic gold metalist Full back (soccer), Piano playing, song writing fellow is just doing wonderfully...Oh and Doctor...!!! I just wish we could get this potty training underway, I'm starting to think it may be holding him back from his true calling in life.


  1. forgot "top chef" - exciting! our own little buckaroo bonzai in the family!
    ...enjoy every moment because before you know it he'll be off to college and then on to the space program! : )

  2. wow dude... no leaving that one on a couch for an unattended nap! he's gonna keep you on your toes! :) if you need some practice on the potty training, I will pass Caden over to you for a while... you can work on your technique