Monday, June 7, 2010

Kendras Update

With only about 2 months left until the baby's "homecoming" it can only mean one thing... Baby Shower! =] The most amazing ladies at my moms office are throwing her one on the 26th! And since we don't know what the gender of the baby is yet, its a basics shower... the theme... A LUAU BBQ! Have you ever been to a Luau baby shower before? =] Also, can someone please tell my mom that she can wear a swimsuit this summer?!?! She won't listen to me =[ This summer is supposed to get pretty hot, so Brian and I were thinking of installing a swampcooler so my lovley mother does not melt =]Later this week, we're registering for baby stuff =] Y-A-Y Okay, gotta go! Much love to all! I'll repost soon =]


  1. you can wear a swim suit! enjoy the summer! :)

    ...(great picture you two! and i will watch for info on where you will be registering...)

  2. yes, info on registrations please! wish i could be out there to celebrate with you!

    and YES, you are most certainly allowed and encouraged to get into a swimsuit this summer! pregnant women are beautiful in swimsuits... and you are NO exception, Kim! Stay cool! I am all for that swampcooler thing... don't know what it is, but it certainly sounds cool!

  3. Kimberly....Wear the swimsuit!! I had two summer babies and had a beautiful two piece swimsuit tan with both!It gave the doctors something to giggle about while I was busy trying to give birth!! They have really cute swimsuits for mommies to be! Go get one!!
    I Love You!!